How to Write an ASA Format Paper?

  • Brady Parker
ASA (American Sociological Association) is used by authors that are preparing manuscripts for various publications in ASA journals. Like another style format, ASA citation depends on the original source material. A writer tries to write my essay and paint the actual picture in the reader’s minds through his words.

Students in the field of sociology are required to collect and compile information from multiple sources. Improper citations not only discredit their work but also affects their grade. The citation method may also differ depending upon the referenced material.

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Title Page
ASA format requires a new page that includes the manuscript's title, names of the authors and the institutions, a running head with a shortened title, and a word count.

An abstract should be placed on a new page followed by a title page. It is not compulsory to mention the author here. Moreover, it should be about one paragraph long i.e., around 200 words.
Lastly, add two to three keywords to identify the main theme on the same page.

Text Formatting
All the text in the document should need to be in Arial 12-Font size. However, it should be double spaced or as specified by the instructor.

Margins for the paper should be 1 ¼ inch on all sides.

First Page
The first page of your paper should begin from the title. It should be followed by a cover page and an abstract.

Subheadings are a great way to organize the whole paper. Therefore, it is important to include them.
Usually, there are three levels of headings.

First-Level Head
  • Avoid using a bold font.
  • Do not start the paper with a heading.
  • The first level heads all in caps and should be left-justified.

Second-Level Head
  • Left justified and italicize.
  • Use title case.
  • Never use a bold font.

Third-Level Head
  • Left justified and italicize.
  • Avoid using a bold font.
  • The first word should be written in caps lock

Endnotes and Footnotes
They are used to cite material in the paper. Endnotes are frequently used in comparison to footnotes.
You can also use both of them but don’t mix them. Moreover, they should be numbered with Arabic numerals.

Page Numbering
All the pages should be numbered (1, 2, 3...) beginning with the title page.

Tables and Figures
A writer should mark all the tables and figures with consecutive numbers. Include each table and figure on a new page with a descriptive title where the paper ends.

How to Cite an ASA format paper?
There are two format citations of an ASA paper.
  • ASA In-Text Citations
  • Reference Page

Let’s discuss both of them in detail.

ASA In-Text Citations
ASA in-text citations are inserted near the source. It enclosed the author’s name and the year of publication in parenthesis. You can also include in-text citations when a paraphrase or quotation is referred from another source.

Cite the last name of the writer followed by publication year. Also, include the page number while mentioning the words and author directly.

For example,

When Jellin (1959) studied…

To assure the continuing viability (Gouldner 1963) ...

Reference Page
All the references should be listed in this section. Double-space all of them. Furthermore, list them down alphabetically by keeping in mind the author's last name. Make proper use of hanging intentions.
You can also include letters to differentiate the work by the same author (e.g., 1882a, 1882b, 1883c). Use italics for the books and periodic titles.

In case, the date is not mentioned, use “N.d.” Add the name of the city and place for the place of publication.
This complete guide is a great help for formatting your papers in ASA format.

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