Hyper-Tech Glove

  • Kahksha Khurana
  • Lydia Gaunt
  • José Bica
  • Sabrina Facchetti
  • Manuela Cochat
  • Lobke van Eijk
  • Alma Rosaz

A short film produced as part of my submission for my media production masters' degree at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. The film is a glimpse of a utopian concept I created, starring a hypothetical technology which is touch-assistance. Hyper-Tech Glove is a wearable device that helps individuals improve the quality of their information input, and used to get information faster with just one touch. It provides descriptive information, history and context to the matter that is touched by the activated Hyper-Tech Glove. It is designed to be worn all day with its comfortable, lightweight profile. It is submersible and consumer-friendly. It has the ability to assist those suffering from colour vision deficiency enlighten them with the information they touch. This type of technology is meant to provide a service of knowledge and awareness to your surroundings. Effortlessly and efficiently. The information is detailed out in a gyroscopic screen that will be extended from the compact proctor attached in the smart glove. The gyroscopic projector screen, that is functioned to widen up to three times its size through, comes with more than just information by the touch, it can also be used as alert assistance for directions for the individuals on the move. Bridging the epistemological boundaries with the scientific rigour with innovation and ideation. The implications and the performance outcome of the glove will be critically invested in the anthropocentric reference along with efficiency and the sustainability of our environment. This is the type of technology concept that encourages productivity change at a society, occupational and individual level. So the real question derived is, how can hypothetical technology scenarios shape the way we see our future societies? Concept and direction by Kahksha Khurana This project could not have been possible without these wonderful people: Video editor & Visual Effects- Sabrina Facchetti Music Composer-Jose Bica Videography- Lobke Van Eijk Photography-Alma Rosaz Talent- Anastasia Claudia Lour, Saul Kilcullen Jarvis, Allegra Venturi, Jake Wyatt, and Olivia D. Clarke Stylists- Yve Lu, Manuela Cochat, and Kudzai Chibaduki Stylist Assistant- Wenqi Zhao Makeup and Hair- Lydia Gaunt Prosthetic Designer (Glove)- Sofie Hanna Special thanks to the talented designers for being part of this project: Brand and Designer Collaborations- Aleks Mitrovic, Jessica Pan, Chelsea, Loy Chan, PLY-GRD12:30, Т*MITROVSKA, and Saffron Rutter Jewellery- Justine Garner, DONNA ZHONG OFFICIAL x YARD YARN Public Relations- Rita Tamas and hundred showroom®