i-D Hero Of The Week Series

  • Charlotte Gush
  • Liv Wynter

Each week, I selected a person (or group) in the news who had done something heroic, and wrote an explainer, covering the context of their action, its cultural impact, and any shift that it either could precipitate, or already had.

Read the full, 5-part series: i-D Hero Of The Week
Heroes include:
  • Emma González, the teen who called BS on the US gun lobby
  • Detained migrant women protesting at Yarl's Wood Detention Centre
  • Marci Phonix, the grime artist who took on the Tories over the Windrush scandal
  • Artist Liv Wynter, who quit her Tate residency in protest, after comments by the gallery director appeared to blame the victims of sexual harassment
  • Trailblazing Bollywood icon Sridevi, who passed away in 2018; with comment from fashion designer Ashish