#IAMABOVE - Asics x Project Semicolon

  • Giulia Filippini

My passion in life has always been running. I truly believe that it helps to strengthen our mental health helping us to feel good. To make your body strong, you need to train your mind first. These core principles are what led me to select the collaboration between ASICS and Project Semicolon which I believe holds these values in their brand identity. I wanted Asics to be the first brand to collaborate with a non-profit organization that focuses on suicide prevention and mental health to bring awareness into the sports brands community. The campaign’s big idea is: “I AM ABOVE” which does not mean being better than someone else, but in fact, becoming stronger than your struggles with mental health, being resilient, and fiercer. With my campaign I wanted to let my target audience know (young adults between 20 to 25 years old) why exercising, especially running, can be a great friend when struggling with mental health.

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