Ignite Intuitive Flow

  • Veronica Ireland

How to be free from obstacles that interfere with creating a life you love, so that you have more inspiration, trust and flow (even if what you’ve previously tried hasn’t worked in the way you hoped). Delighted to announce a transformational workshop for anyone who wants to step into their fullest potential… beyond what they know to be possible. Starting on 25 January. Ignite Intuitive Flow offers a practical, felt experience of your inner power: ➡️ You’ll develop a deeper connection to who you are at heart… your true creative essence. ➡️ You’ll become more accomplished at following your voice of wisdom. ➡️ You’ll get better at being genuinely seen and heard as you tune into your inner knowing. ➡️ And you’ll positively impact those you love or are in service to, by simply being more of yourself. If you are someone who senses there is more waiting for you and you don't want to spend time, money and energy on an endless search for what that is, then this workshop might be what you are looking for. REGISTRATION NOW OPEN. Click or copy link: https://lu.ma/intuitiveflow1 for more info.