Imbue Curls Launch Printed Release

  • Heather Hamilton Saunders

CLIENT Imbue Curls. Curls and coils have a mind of their own, we know! No two wash and goes are the same, and that’s exactly what makes them (and the process) so beautiful, but somedays stressful! Introducing Imbue, a curl worshipping vegan haircare brand created for curl and coil types 3A to 4C. We are all about saying goodbye to negative thoughts and tiresome regimes, celebrating days that don’t start with a hair battle and bringing curls out to play in all their glory!

To launch Imbue Curls International and Look products.
Develop a creative concept that educates and emotionally engages the user.

This printed press release, is colourful engaging and reflective of the Imbue brand. I
We have an eco-friendly ethos, therefore and uncoated and recycled paper was used.
This release has a bespoke cutter to curve the bottom right edge. Nothing is smooth in curls. Why should our communications be.