In2ruders (Producer / Actor)

  • Paul Chiedozie
  • Sharoz Sheikh
  • Naeem Mahmood
  • Rico Morris

"★★★★★ HORROR FILMMAKING AT ITS BEST" - London Horror Society "★★★★★ A decadently SURREAL AND BRUTAL vision of power in the corporate music machine" - HORROR HOTHOUSE "★★★★★ An INTELLIGENT HORROR FILM that isn't your usual run of the mill" -GINGER NUTS OF HORROR "★★★★★ A DISTINCTLY UNIQUE PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER WHICH WILL DROP YOUR JAW TO THE FLOOR" -NEON FRIGHTS "★★★★★ A CREEPY, TRIPPY RIDE through the mind of an artist who is struggling to maintain her independence from the machine." -THE HORRORCIST "★★★★★ POWERFUL AND SHOCKING" - Aly Lalji, THE PEOPLE'S MOVIES From award winning filmmaker NAEEM MAHMOOD comes #In2ruders - a mind-bending nightmare about the dark side of the music industry. Starring music duo BLOOM TWINS, supermodel/actor CAPRICE, Doctor Who star SAMUEL ANDERSON, Spandau Ballet ex lead singer TONY HADLEY, British style icon RICKI HALL, Brash Young Turks star PAUL CHIEDOZIE and MEGAN BURNS of 28 Days Later. Original Music by NICK RHODES. Production Company: TRAILBLAZER/ZEMS ENTERTAINMENT

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