There is currently a separation between the creative class and the local residents, in which ASC effectively sits in a bubble within the local area. We want to investigate whether a link is necessary and how to reach a balance between local life and the studio-gallery. ‘Inside-Out’ is a curatorial experiment aiming to bring the contents of the studios out into the community areas, and the community into the gallery. This will investigate how the local residents, who may or may not be aware of the ASC studios and gallery, will react when faced with the artists in their normal environment. For the artists, this will be an exciting opportunity to work with the area that they currently produce work in, which may inspire new work for them and certainly a new form of awareness of the area they produce work in. The artists will also benefit from working with/towards a new audience for their work in the local area


Jiamin Cao

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  • Curatorial Assistant

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  • Contemporary Art
  • London Artist
  • elephant & castle
  • Public Art
  • community
  • Public participation
  • East Street Market