SUPERIMPOSE was briefed to reinvigorate the IWP logo and art direction in a way that would celebrate the competition as a vanguard of innovation and empowering new talent, as well as creating a traceable identity to be used year-on-year.

One of the fashion industry’s most prestigious awards, the International Woolmark Prize is an annual competition in which up-and-coming designers are challenged to find new and innovative uses for 100% merino wool.
Inspired by the IWP‘s role in showcasing new talent and driving progress in the fashion industry, our approach translates the Woolmark logo into a lens through which creativity is magnified, ideas are illuminated and new talents are showcased to the world at large. Mirroring the role of the IWP, the lens acts as a tool revealing finer details, richer colours and deeper imagery behind participant designers’ work.
This approach has since been adapted to all communications around the IWP. SUPERIMPOSE also designed and produced the trophy for the prize, as well as a wrap-up film documenting the judging process and award ceremony for the 2018/19 IWP.
The project’s success has led to the establishment of a long-term relationship with Woolmark. SUPERIMPOSE will continue to roll out content development, art direction and production for IWP, as well as providing creative expertise across other elements of the Woolmark business, such as the Woolmark Performance Challenge.