Invisible Boundaries

  • Olivier Warner

This artpiece depicts a woman merged within the glass, her violet hues blending seamlessly with the smooth surface. Captured in a photo studio, the fashion editorial atmosphere adds to the overall chic and sophisticated vibe of the work. The concept of "Invisible Boundaries" invites viewers to consider the limitations we place on ourselves and those imposed upon us by society. The woman's pose and expression convey a sense of both vulnerability and strength, inviting us to question the barriers that hold us back and the resilience it takes to push through them.

The title "Invisible Boundaries" alludes to the dreamlike quality of the piece, as well as the enigmatic and otherworldly nature of the woman within the glass. The merging of the woman with her surroundings suggests a breaking down of traditional boundaries and a blurring of the lines between self and other. This piece invites viewers to consider the fluidity of identity and the transformative power of art.

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