"It makes you a bad designer if you make something that can't be recycled" - Safia Qureshi

  • Safia Qureshi
Published by: Dezen Date: 13 April 2018 Author: Leanna Garfield and Sarah Jacobs
Architect Safia Qureshi wanted to change the world but ended up designing private houses for rich people. So she invented Cupclub, a circular-economy service that could eliminate single-use coffee cups.
As it launches in London, she spoke to Dezeen about the project. "Most packaging you see isn’t really designed," said Qureshi, founder and CEO of Cupclub. "It’s just there. No-one’s really thinking about end-of-life." Cupclub's cups are instead designed to be reused 132 times and then recycled. "It had to be ubiquitous," said Qureshi of the cup, which is made of recyclable polypropylene and comes with a low-density polyethylene lid.
"It's kind of like a Boris Bike" "The design brief was to design products that people will like and return rather than products they will love and take home and keep," said the London-based architect, who is co-founder of social and environmental design studio Studio [D] Tale.
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