Iterate App - Share your Process

  • Josh Hester

ITERATE is a platform that focuses on helping you to explore and share your creative process through a project. This is a concept I developed and produced using Figma to mock up.

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I believe young creatives should stop attempting to be a genius on the first try; all you need are a few flashes of brilliance and the ability to edit away the mundane. This thinking helps you lower the inhuman pressure to be great just by having an epiphany. Instead, it's about identifying the seed of a brilliant idea and then turning it into a fantastic product via feedback and sustained effort. The desire to sit on an idea and daydream forever is also reduced by focusing on tiny, incremental aspects of the activity. It's easy to get caught up in the planning process, hoping for the right project to come your way rather than knowing it's up to you to make it happen.
The Creative type needs a space to freely experiment, iterate and explore their interests and go through the messy non-linear process without the fear that they have to create the perfect outcome for it to even be seen on modern platforms or appreciated by peers.
Todays platforms heavily focus on the outcome and finished product. This fosters a culture of comparison and a fear of failure in artists before they can even think about starting meaningful work / projects.
The potential solution, ITERATE, a platform that focuses on process and creation > consumption, forcing you to limit your inflow of media and produce more. Without the fear of judgement and comparison, a culture of collaboration and sharing knowledge can exist.
This is the profile of each creative; they can see how many days in a row they have consistently shared their process and see the different projects they ate currently working on.
Stealing the dating app interface to get users to focus more on the content they’re looking at and force them to give actionable feedback rather than just a like.
Stop Comparing, Start Creating