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The truth is that web developers earn more money on average than web designers, but overall their job prospects are extremely positive. Jay Sawyer Chicago As a profession, the reward for web design is the effort that its practitioners put in. Web developers earn between $60k and $75k a year, while a web designer earns only $57k a year.

If you work for a design company, you can create websites for free, but if you are a freelance web designer, you must be a full-time employee of one of the leading web design companies.

Jay Sawyer Northbrook As a web designer, your services can be listed on a number of websites, such as landing pages, websites and PSDs.
While most professions typically require a bachelor's degree, you can find a web design degree for less than $20,000. Many web designers and developers attend high school courses to start a creative career.

Jay Sawyer Chicago Effective web design programs expose their candidates to business and writing programs so that they can focus their efforts on developing their entrepreneurial skills.

Web designers typically have a background in the fine arts of graphic design and publishing, combined with a degree in computer science, computer engineering or computer programming.
When you choose a career as a web designer, you help your company solve problems, generate more revenue and encourage innovation. In addition to web designers, you can also shape the way people interact with the websites you create.

Jay Sawyer Glenview You work on websites every day, but as a web designer you can be a "web designer" and not only design the content of your website and the user experience, but also the way people interact with it.