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The content of a web page is crucial to meet the objectives set in the Internet strategy within the digital marketing plan of any company or business, something that, by the way, we recommend using the Design Thinking methodology.

Jay Sawyer Chicago Lately there is much talk about the tremendous importance of content for any Internet strategy, whether for the SEO positioning of our website or for any online advertising campaign. This reality opens up a world of new possibilities!
The truth is that many entrepreneurs, or their designated managers, quickly become frustrated when trying to create content for their company website, either because their writing skills are poor or because they frankly hate the task. This causes them to make many of the common mistakes when writing the contents of the web page. Tips on how to write good texts and web content Fortunately, today we have many alternative ways to generate effective content for your website, leaving aside the typical written advertising content, of which we highlight four: Jay Sawyer Northbrook Write stories that connect; your history!
When asking how to write the texts on our website well, we must think that those written for our website or other Internet platforms, such as social networks, do not have to be high-volume technical texts and incredible grammar.
Not at all! It is about “connecting with the reader”; four words that should become our mantra from now on every time we write the texts for our website and, in general, prepare content on the Internet.
One way to create content that connects with the reader so that they fall in love with our company, is to create a story that involves one of our clients and how our product or service helped them. Jay Sawyer Glenview Let's imagine that we are sitting in front of a potential client and they ask us for a story related to our company that fills us with pride, what would it be? Well, we already have it! Now let's write it without worrying about grammar or literary filigree, but yes: be careful with the spelling!