• Julia Bartsch

Julia Bartsch is a season-less jewellery brand created in 2021 by designer and jewellery maker Julia Bartsch. Each piece of jewellery is designed and handcrafted from 925 Sterling silver by the designer herself in her Paris- based atelier. Characterized by sensual, organic shapes and a natural fluidity, each piece is designed to naturally interact with the wearer’s body. Julia Bartsch offers a premium selection of jewellery that embodies longevity and local craftsmanship. All pieces are crafted individually, sculptured by hand according to the traditionally used method of lost-wax-casting. Julia Bartsch is committed to a transparent and personal manufacturing process following a strict zero-waste policy. model: @candyhagedorn H&M: @Alicegabbai Scouting and Photography: @lisamarleenmueller