Keeping Up With The Bakers - Ted Baker


The idea
We capitalised on the functionality of Instagram stories by transforming the phone into a remote for the TedPix TV, truly making it a unique experience never seen before on the platform.

How it worked
We created five different channels using the segments on stories where the episodic content lived, revealing easter eggs on different Baker family members and the unusual events that occur on "Tailor Lane".  
The competition mechanic lived on the social feed, asking the audience to discover these easter eggs whether it's tagging a tattletale, snapping a selfie or trading gossip in the comments section asking them to tag their location as Tailor’s Lane (The London Flagship store) to enter.  We revealed the winner on one the channels everyday which we called T! News that alternated channel everyday enticing the users to watch the instagram stories and interact further.
Ted Pix

Ted Baker’s Instagram Story acted as the neighbourhood’s own gossip TV channel (T!), revealing the winning content and building it into the narrative the next day. There were filler channels in between the segments which mimicked a 50’s/60’s style shows and adverts, this was designed specifically to round off the whole retro experience.
Channel 1 - Where the collection is exhibited using cinemagraphs and animated video
Channel 2 - Creating retro adverts from the branding in the collection
Channel 3 - Where the UGC challenge winners are revealed
Channel 4 - Emulating weird and wacky retro TV broadcasting
Channel 5 - Where encouraged users to use the newly announced swipe up feature to open up the collection in the insta browser window
A short run through on what a days coverage on TedPix looked like.