Keepy Uppy Animation Experiment

  • Viki Bebők
  • Yuki Nishimura

An experimental animation challenge by Seed Animation, open to all. A couple of months ago we thought it would be pretty nifty to play a game of animated ‘Keepy Uppy’ that’s inclusive to all creative animators.

We asked our global community to participate in this challenge that embraces the spirit and fanfare of the FIFA World Cup. The game was conducted solely on social media and involved both emerging and experienced artists.

Each animator was given a few seconds to pass the ball onto the next person. The brief was wide open to the interpretation by the artist; whatever keeps the ball up, the ball itself and the environment were all up for grabs. The only stipulation was the ball entered left and exited right.
Individual entries were posted on Keepy Uppy's Instagram when received. These 3 seconds videos were then edited together to create a film, representing diverse styles and perspectives from around the world. Although the film is released now, we still accept submissions that we'll post on the page and we’re already thinking about the next challenge.
"We wanted to reach out to artists, both established and emerging, and provide a platform to share their quirky visions. It's also a fun way of getting together virtually to create inspiring work for viewers." - said Morgan, Creative Director at Seed.

Let's talk numbers now.

We received 143 entries from 41 different countries, spanning across all continents. There were 85 men and 63 women submitting their work and the most common name was Julia/Julie/Giulia belonging to 5 different artists. Other than individual artists, 6 established animation studios participated in the challenge with their impressive work.
Of note, there was an entry from The Croft - a home of residence for adults with learning disabilities. They ran a stop motion animation workshop, headed by Annie Sharpe, where they produced a sequence involving a mermaid and a seahorse. Our youngest entrant was Ao, the 9 years old son of acclaimed Japanese director, Yoshihiro Komori, working at Shirogumi Inc.
We Are Father produced the footy inspired track.


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