• Trikuti Naresh
  • Radwa Radwan
  • Annabelle Barlow

Kela is a brand name which translates Banana in Hindi. This product is inspired by the vast amount of banana harvesting in India. And how people use banana leaf as a plate to eat and thread made out of banana stem used in making clothing. The brand values are serving the finest and most affordable organic flour in the market. I believe it’s the best alternative to wheat flour and other flour we use in baking and cooking. Hindu uses the banana tree as an offering plant because it symbolizes both abundance and fertility. I choose to keep the packaging very minimal and spacious. I gave a texture of banana leaf on the packaging because in Hindu religion it is considered to be the holiest plate to have meals on, which is why even today many south Indians serves their food on banana leaves. The packaging also contains a recipe for consumers to try out utilizing Kela organic green banana flour. Shortlisted in Top 20 for Brand Identity competition organised by JDO Raw.

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          Nottingham Trent University, BA (Hons) Graphic Des