Kennington Chartist Project

Kennington Chartist Project was an initiative by local residents to raise awareness of the 1848 Chartist Rally on Kennington Common, explore its relevance today, and to generate ideas for future memorials or commemorations, anticipating the 175th Anniversary in 2023. The creative brief was to create something ‘fresh, raw, activist, not too clean, sense of make-do, DIY, cut-up, collage, low-fi print’, using contemporary but politically non-contentious colours, and referring to the rich source material in posters and popular newspapers from the period which often featured mismatched typefaces. We created a vibrant visual identity, distinctive logotype, website, social media icons, leaflets and posters. Our client fed back that the campaign Calverts designed created a definite ‘buzz’ of interest in neighbourhood communities, with local schools responding with particular enthusiasm. In addition, the campaign created a good platform for applying to funders such as National Lottery and Heritage Fund, to support a more ambitious programme of event and public information leading up to and including the 175th anniversary. "The work that Calverts did for the Kennington Chartist Project on both the visual identity and the website was fantastic. During the whole process from beginning to end the designers we worked with were calm, confident, professional and assured in their understanding of the brief and presentation of their ideas, while listening well and being flexible and supportive. End costs were exactly as initially quoted and everything was completed to our total satisfaction. I can honestly say it was, by a long way, my best experience of working with designers, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them." – Richard Galpin, Founder & Project Manager, Kennington Chartist Project

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    Kennington Chartist Project