• Luis Amália
  • Richard Evans
  • Janet Marrett
  • Jake Morris
  • Naomi Grant

KINDRED is a beautiful and heart-warming realist drama of Esther, a UK woman of Nigerian heritage estranged from her family because of her relationship with an English man. Esther is forced to mend this painful 8-year rift. ^ Director & Producer: Janet Marrett ^ Screenwriters: Naomi Grant & Janet Marrett ^ Principal cast: Emilyne Mondo ^ Director of Photography: Lee Burnett ^ Editor: Emily Jo West ^ Composer: Bankey Ojo ^ Sound Design: Rich Evans ^ Colourist: Karl Barnes-Dallas ^ Cast: Andrea Hall, Anthony Kaye, Oliver Rednall, Skyla-Chi Khamjani-Wilson, Greg David Monga, Luis Amália ^ Festivals: Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2019, WorldFest Houston International Film Festival 2019, Women of African Descent Film Festival 2019, British Urban Film Festival 2019, People of Colour - The international Cultural Exchange 2020, Black Lives Matter by CPIFF 2020, Accra Indie Film Fest 2020, Silicon Valley African Film Festival 2020, Lincoln Park Music Festival 2020 and Gary International Black film Film Festival 2020, Black Lens Film Festival 2021 ^ Awards: Gold REMI from WorldFest Houston, Diaspora Film Award Finalist from Silicon Valley African Film Festival