• Samuel Good
  • Annus Qureshi

'Kinetik' is inspired by the scientific definition "energy possessed by an object through motion". The logo represents a molecule with the colours purple and yellow being 'electric colours'. Leading my own Events company, organising the first electronic night at my university. The first event is Drum and Bass focused, taking place on the 6th of March, featuring DJ’s playing larger events such as: Rampage & Liquicity. The aim of my company is to tap into a genre of music that is popular amongst students, although not accounted for by the current student nights at the University. I have had constant liaison with the student union for details about the upcoming event including venue, marketing, designs, ticketing, social media and performers; it has been significant to upkeep a positive, friendly relationship with the events manager in the SU. I have created a schedule to keep on top of social media posting and physical marketing. I also have used a promoter’s reward scheme to motivate and create incentive for promoters to sell more tickets.

Social media promotion for DNB Artist, Abstrakt Vision.
120 poster copies + 2500 flyers.
Event artwork for social media.