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Website Founder and Administrator, Artist Liaison, Artist Journalist Since 2014 I have published over 197 picture interviews on Kollekitv Gallery. I ask 10 questions and artists respond visually. This method of networking and publicity compliments my curatorial relationship with artists, a way for artists to develop their visual practice as well as have an online item to share on their website.

The project collaborators on this list have at some point been interviewed visually on Kollektiv Gallery, visit the website to view them all here. https://www.kollektivgallery.com/artists/
Jordana Bragg, multi-disciplinary artists based in New Zealand, Concentrating on the metaphysics of love and loss, their practice discloses a characteristically dangerous personal and universal sense of vulnerability, informed by wider research around issues of identity and gender fluidity. Bragg is co-founder of the artist run initiatives Meanwhile (NZ) and Friends are Artists/Freunde sind Künstler (DE).

Jordana Bragg, “What do you fight for?” 2016 interview, Kollektiv
Alicia King is an interdisciplinary artist from Melbourne Australia, her practice explores contemporary and cultural relationships with technology. She responds to today’s global engagement with technology that eternally places humans on the brink of the future. King examines tools of biological technologies to understand perspectives of the human body as a conceptually loaded, complex and raw material.
Alicia King, “Is objectivity a myth?” 2017 interview, Kollektiv