• Giulia Parenti

Defined by dimensions or values that do not allow for fractionation. As every test has its phases, ours presents the inevitable steps to find a new source of energy. It is the result of specific steps within which the two individuals become collective creating a new unit, a compound unit. An entity charged with a singular energy but at the same time formed by multiple parts. From more solutions. From several energies. The idea of TEST IN DIVIDUO is to analyze, connect and finally re-assemble two bodies, two men, two identities and their respective energies. Natural energy, therefore man, comes into contact with the synthetic surface of screens, pixels, the digital world and their own source of energy. There is this analysis and discovery of a dualistic relationship between contact and detachment, presence and absence, closeness and distance. Between carnal and digital. Here the human skin is transferred into the pixels of flat screens that act as a box for this new synthetic contact that is created in the course of the device, where the screen is the perfect medium through which the two people get in touch and create a new, different energy. An energy synthetically made of emotions. The visual process of this ‘test’ consists of 4 specific steps, as if it were a real experiment: 1) analysis of the single person, of the individual (person A / person B) 2) connection (A + B) 3) fusion (AB = C) 4) transformation (C becomes D ) Credits Photographer: Gabriele Rosati, Creative: Beatrice Vesprini, Styling: Giulia Parenti, Team: makeup and hair Pasquale Zumpo, creative producer Luca Notarfrancesco, styling assistant Matteo Martini, light assistant Matteo Lodolo, model Cristiano and Evans