• Alex Ignatov
  • Anthony Gaukroger
  • Skye Kelly-Barrett
  • Alan Mark Wardle
At the start of the year we were super excited to work alongside our good friend Alan Wardle at AnyForty, who art directed the in-game design assets for the exciting new release of computer game: ONRUSH.
ONRUSH is a brand new, incredibly exciting arcade racing game created by the talented team at Codemasters Evo in Runcorn, which was released worldwide on June 5th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Alongside an incredible selection of artists, our own artists here at Roar: Liane Plant and Mr Gauky were commissioned to create a selection of designs that would be used for the game, both as in-game assets and in promotional material.  
Since the game's release, we’ve had a lot of fun here at the agency playing ONRUSH and trying to spot our artists' designs in the landscapes, cars, bikes, and of course, as part of the awesome outfits you can select for yourself! 
We're so proud of these guys and the hard work they have done so far! We can't wait to share more with you soon! 
- Roar Team 
Below are a few examples of how Liane and Gauky's artwork have been implemented into the game: 
Designs by Liane Plant
Designs by Mr Gauky