Lidl summer campaign: Big on Quality for All

  • Nancy Anne Harbord
  • Sophie Bronze
  • Lucy Barbour

Commission by Karmarama creative agency and Lidl GB to shoot their summer campaign, ‘Big on quality for all’ 2022. Still advertising photography for 48-sheet billboards and A0 posters displayed in-store and on billboards around the UK.

Gin and tonic cocktail with plenty of dramatic action – ice and mint leaves tumbling down into the drink, garnish splashing into the glass and lots and lots of bubbles. It’s all about the bubbles!
Charred corn-on-the-cob with melty butter oozing and dripping. Homemade BBQ burger with juicy burger patty, melted cheese, lots of shiny, dripping sauces and sesame seeds flying off the bun. Perfect sizzling BBQ sausage with char marks and that all important dollop of ketchup on the end.
Classic vanilla ice cream cone dripping in the summer sun with shiny, vibrant strawberry sauce pouring down onto the ice cream and colourful sprinkles flying through the air onto the cone.

What I brought to the project

This was a fab opportunity to pair my colourful, sunny, graphic style with Lidl’s fun, light-hearted marketing tone.

I am passionate about creating optimistic, joyful imagery of mouth-watering food and drink, so this commission was a great fit to showcase their affordable, high quality products and ingredients ready for summer celebrations.