Limited - coffe book table

  • Eleonora Agnolin

Limites is a coffee book table, creating to reconnect people with beautiful things and give a ‘‘rebirth’’ of creativity. It is a unique and exclusive product, a timeless design object, and a book. Encouraging people to rediscover the world and their feeling. It is an object that could define your taste and say something about your personality, helping to decor your house and being in touch with your guests. Fashion turns into different forms, arts, and objects. Limited is a journey into the research and vision of the artistic connection between architecture, interior design, and fashion. Starting from the 60s with the futuristic vision of Paco Rabanne, combined with the surrealist one of Saltador Dalì and the freedom of the Swiss photographer Jean Clemmer. Then we move to the optimistic and controversial decade of the 70s and 80s, where the ‘‘architect of style’’ Gianfranco Ferrè will bring innovation to the world of fashion. Years influenced by Studio 54, house music, the post-modern interior design, especially the Italian Memphis Group. Up to the present day with the rebirth of the iconic Fornasetti brand. For more info : In collab with mgmt models Milan, Denis Cagnin, Sara de Fendi e Adelaide Martina.