List of top 5 online book and article libraries - 2022

  • Andy Gray

During your academic journey, you might have been assigned challenging topics for writing assignments. The complexity of the topics depends on the academic level you currently are studying in. In your graduate and post-graduate studies, the topics become even more complex and require in-depth research and analysis for understanding these topics. For this purpose, any essay writer can visit your college or university library. Yet it is a time and energy-consuming activity since you will have to take time out of your busy schedule and then find books for your assignments.
In this technological era, you have the most feasible option of visiting an online library on the internet. You can visit any online library without even leaving your room. You can visit any online library and download the required material while saving your time, energy, and money. There are many online libraries with thousands of free books and articles databases. Many online libraries charge the readers for their content. You can also ask an expert researcher to write my essay if you are unable to access charges-free libraries.
Here is also a list of the top five online books and articles libraries that can help you in writing your academic assignments.

Open Library
Open Library is a free online database and was launched in 2006. Thousands of books are available in different digital formats. The library is partly funded by Kahle/Austin Foundation and California State University. It claims to have almost 20 million records in its online databases. While its content is collected from other digital databases, including the Library of Congress.
This library has many distinctive features. Books can be borrowed and bought at lesser prices. Books can also be donated to this library. Due to the unique features of the library, visually impaired readers can also listen to their books.

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg is a digital library, having a database of free eBooks. It has a collection of over 60,000 eBooks, while over fifty books are added to the library database each week. It claims to be the foremost provider of electronic books as it was launched in 1971. It has the mission statement of encouragement of creation and free distribution of electronic books. While English is the functional language of this library, it has texts from many other languages as well and many people Buy dissertation when they have to write a paper.
This library mainly has a vast collection of literary works, including novels, dramas, short stories, poetry collections, cookbooks, issues of periodicals, and many audio and musical files. Therefore, you can access this library for your literature assignments and arts essays.

Internet Archive
Internet Archive is believed to be one of the most accredited and reliable digital databases. It was founded in 1996, with the mission statement of universal access to knowledge. It claims to have databases of over 6.2 Billion records. These records include different texts and books, videos and movies, records of TV shows, games, software programs, audio files, images, and other WebPages. It helps its users to download a wide range of digitized materials.
Internet Archive provides unrestricted access to the global audience as it advocates free and open internet access. It allows you to borrow and download thousands of books for your academic assignments.

World Digital Library
The World Digital Library was founded by the Library of Congress with the support of UNESCO. WDL was launched in 2009. Libraries, educational institutions, museums, international organizations, and archives from around the globe, make contributions to this online library. WDL collects and preserves the materials shared by the partner institutions and then shares the digital content with a global audience. The content collected by the WDL includes rare books, significant historical documents, maps, rare manuscripts, pictures, sound recordings.
WDL provides unrestricted, free-of-cost access content in more than a hundred languages to readers from almost 192 countries. It is promoting an easily accessible flow of knowledge from many subjects including science, arts, culture, communication, and education. Therefore, you can easily access WDL for all types of academic assignments.

Wiley Online Library
Wiley Online Library is commonly known as Wiley, is a publishing company, established in 1807. The company publishes books, journals, and print and electronic academic content. It also has many online journal databases, which publish academic research articles from around the globe. This company also has an online library that has thousands of books and journal articles which are related to Dissertation Writing Services.
Although Wiley is an online library, it is more popular for peer-reviewed articles. While it provides free of cost access to the students and researchers of its partner institutions. Yet, there are some methods (mentioned below), through which you can have unrestricted access to Wiley's content. Wiley can be accessed for journals of a wide range of topics including, sciences, arts, and humanities.
The above-mentioned libraries provide unlimited access to electronic books, research articles, and digitized materials. Almost all these libraries grant you free access to download books and articles. Yet you can also hire an expert essay writer, to help you in writing a masterpiece assignment. Here are also some pro-tips that will help you download the required material for your assignments.

Sci-hub and Lib-Gen
Sci-hub has helped you download thousands of articles, while you might have to pay for their access on other websites. All you have to do is to search Sci-hub in Google and search for the DOI number of your desired article. Articles can be searched through titles in Sci-hub. Lib-Gen is also a digital database, though you can download many books, free of cost. Yet you can consult a professional essay writer online, to help you in writing a masterpiece paper.
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