Live Digital Scribe

  • rob taylor
  • Poppy Jamieson
  • Dan Woodger
  • Job, Joris & Marieke

Scribing for Glug’s event with Jelly London working in collaboration with Microsoft Surface.

Glug is a regular event on a mission to champion creative communities around the world.

We heard from the fantastic Job, of Emmy award-winning Job, Joris and Marieke and the insanely talented Dan Woodger who are repped by the lovely production company and illustration agency Jelly London.

Before the event we gauged Glug and Jelly’s expectations and agreed on rough layout of the scribe, the colour palette and where the artist would be positioned on the night.
As this was a collaborative event with Microsoft, we were treated to working on one of their beautiful surfaces.
On the night our scribing artist listened to both speakers and intelligently interpreted the key messages of their talks. The graphic recording was well received and the speakers Job and Dan were pleased with how it helped communicate their practice.

We shared the scribing artwork with Glug and Jelly who were then free to share it on social media and use it to promote their artists.

We count ourselves very lucky to have been a part of such an exciting event.