Lockdown series

  • Tinuke Fagborun

Mental health during lockdown

Plant mama
My plants have been a huge unexpected comfort to me. Whilst the world has felt like it’s at a standstill, day to day, week to week life has been like Groundhog Day. Yet, my plants keep thriving their growth is a reminder that the world is still spinning and something’s remain constant. When  I see a new leaf sprout it never fails to fill me with pure joy.
Lockdown hair roulette

These past few months I’ve changed my hair multiple times. In lockdown I’ve felt a loss of control over most aspects of my life, but my hair is something that I have control over. When I need a refresh, a boost or distraction I change my hair. When it all gets too much I know I can take time out of the day to research natural hair treatments, braid my hair or hunt down my next look. currently I’m on my 5th lockdown hairstyle.


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