Lök & Harp

  • Sofìe Di Bartolomeo
  • Chiara Polverini
Lök is a tray made of wood and two layers of aluminum. Those allow the tray extending up to 12 cm, creating more space on the surface and enable to place the tray on your armchair. The plates are designed to be possibly inserted in a special slot on the wood’s surface, allowing its user to use it as a reading desk.
Harp is a multipurpose tray made of wood and rope. This system allows to fit small objects between a wire and the other. Also, you can use the space below the strings as a small container of objects such as the book or newspaper you use to read in the morning. Both legs have an opening suitable to pick up the product and possibly hang it on the wall. In this way you avoid Harp to occupy useful space. It can be used as a board.