London Design Festival 2018

At Home with Hostmaker specialise in creating bold and theatrical interiors for homes and homestays. Believing that a home should be an experiential retreat, full of discovery and little details, local makers, live demonstrations and workshops brought the space to life. For London Design Festival 2018, at Home with Hostmaker invited the travel-curious and style-conscious to attend their 'Open House' pop up event in Clerkenwell at The Roundhouse. Based on three of their own unique traveller archetypes, people were invited to journey through these uniquely different spaces - The Botanist, The Bold and The Artisan.

The Botanist - Concept Creation
The Botanist
One of the these archetypes is The Botanist. They love to bring the outdoors in and surround themselves with nature. The botanist seeks authentic and grounding experiences. Their favorite room would be filled with botanical elements, mix of materials and natural shades of colour. This was the inspiration behind the main design space within the Open House.
The Bold
The Artisan