Loneliness - The forgotten generation

  • Anastasia Arsentyeva
  • Toby Godfree
  • Ben Butler
  • Emily Steere
  • Thomas Sandler

1.2 MILLION is a short drama exploring loneliness among the elderly in the modern landscape. Set in North Yorkshire, U.K. it is inspired by generational changes in attitudes towards family values. Mark, a newly-employed postman in his mid-twenties, forges a letter sent to a kind-hearted old lady by her son; altering the original as he deemed it heartless. After continuing to write in her son’s name, Mark’s growing guilt forces him decide whether to tell Mary the heartbreaking truth or continue to feed the white lies. This story is fictional, but for many - it's a reality. Please do not forget about your loved ones, or the ones who may find themselves in difficult situations. Sometimes a phone call is all it takes. AgeUK is a charity that supports older people and listens to the voice of a generation who can't always speak as loudly as everyone else. If you would like to support their work, please visit their website ageuk.org.uk to donate. (Disclaimer: AgeUK is not directly affiliated with this project) Produced, written and directed by Anastasia Arsentyeva Starring Harry Ensor, Marilyn Everett- Jones, Andrew Mallinson, Emma Wise and Riley the Dalmatian Director of Photography - Thomas Sandler Composer - Jeremy James Hunt Sound designers - Alex Gordon, Haruna Higa 1st assistant director - Thomas Schubert 1st assistant camera - Emily Steere Script Consultant - Callum Ward Props assistant - Joseph Patrick Sound recordists - Erhard Zurawka, Ben Butler, Jonathan Hughes Foley assistant - Almir Datoo Boom operator - Jonathan Hughes Gaffer - Toby Godfree Production assistant - Klára Šimonová SPECIAL THANKS TO Fran Critchley Rebekah Boulton and York Teaching Hospital Staff Nigel Smith and the University of York Piazza Mailroom Team King’s Arms Pub Staff Kristy Calvert Matthew Zeffertt Alex Gordon Edward Whyte Simon van der Borgh The University of York Department of Theatre, Film and Television Characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional. This film is not affiliated with Royal Mail. No animals were harmed in the making of this film. PRODUCED IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF YORK DEPARTMENT