Look Deeper

  • Paul Gawman

Look Deeper is a print and digital awareness campaign targeting health care practitioners, aiming to educate them about the plight of living with Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). This is a rare and progressive disorder of the heart. It is relatively difficult to identify and often goes undetected because the symptoms can suggest other more-common illnesses. Sadly, PAH becomes fatal without treatment or a complete lung transplantation. Actelion and Ogilvy Health, Sydney approached me to create an image which would explain the problem of PAH diagnosis in a completely new way. The brief was to create a computer generated image of a woman lost in a forgotten underwater world. This world represents the state of being that an undiagnosed PAH patient has been plunged into. It was really important that the campaign be memorable as well as educational. The client wanted an image that would strike a deep chord with physicians and guide them to the learning material provided on the SuspectPH website.

Client: Actelion  
Agency: Ogilvy Health, Sydney  
Chief Creative Officer : Toby Pickford  
Design Strategy Lead : Simon Roberts 
Senior Copywriter: Gareth Ogden  
Creative Services Manager: Peter Timms