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  • Katie Logue
At Zetteler, we’re incredibly lucky that we’re constantly thrown in path of inspiring, creative people that endlessly wow us with their ingenuity and skill. One such human is Job van den Berg. We came across the Dutch industrial designer while out in Milan this year, where he was exhibiting at group show Transitions III at Ventura Central. We were floored by the craft and detail of his O – Series of cabinets and lamps and were desperate to find out more.
Graduating from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2015, Job’s work hinges on a fascination with making – both industrial processes and artisanal techniques fall under his inquisitive gaze. Many of his pieces are the result of challenging established ways of doing things to come up with smart new approaches. His O – Series, for example, uses wood veneer rolled into tubes to create a light yet strong structure, from which he has made a cabinet and floor lamp. Each of the parts are held together without screws or bolds, and combine a clever new idea with an excellence in joinery.
Whereas his Copy Blur Mirror presses metal into a wave-like looking glass, his Metal Skin Cabinet forges wood veneer and sheet metal at a very high temperature to create a surface texture with the touch of metal and the grain of wood. Job’s Glasslab cabinet uses the unexpected strength of glass – here in two giant upside-down test tubes – to hold up a series of metal shelves.

Click here to read the full interview with Jobvan den Berg.


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