• Sophia Carey

From stylists and radio presenters to photographers and artists, ManchestHER (MCHR) is an ongoing project that aims to put the spotlight on just some of the amazing women that make up the Manchester music scene. Putting together this project so far has been incredible, and a great excuse to use my graphic design degree too. A special that to Lucy Harvey of Unity Radio and Manchester Hip Hop Archive for both inspiring this project and coordinating it with me, as well as to everyone who has gotten involved in the project so far.

Sutty is a Manchester-based singer and songwriter, drawing inspiration from jazz, hip hop and soul. Listen here.
Kahreign is a Manchester-based singer, songwriter and producer. Her Zimbabwean and South African heritage is often paid homage to in her eclectic music, mostly inspired by synth-pop, house and other electric genres. Listen here.
Nina Cobham is a Manchester-based singer songwriter, known for her billingual approach and R&B sounds. You can listen here.
Manchester-based singer songwriter Akemi Fox is known for her incredible 90s/00s R&B inspired music. Listen to her music here.
Toni McCoy-Hopwood is a creative extrordinare, with talents lying in styling, photography and modelling. You can find her on Instagram.
Laeeqa is a Leeds born, Manchester based singer-songwriter with a keen talent for modelling. You can listen to her music here.
This amazing duo are a pair of women with an abudance of talent and work ethics to match.

Lucy Harvey is a presenter at Unity Radio and a researcher at Manchester Hip Hop Archive and was instrumental in the inspiration for this project. You can find her over on Instagram.

Yaz O'Grady is also a presenter at Unity Radio, as well as being a DJ. You can find her on Instagram.
Mix Stress is a DJ, producer and audio artist, as well as being a key figure in the Manchester LGBTQ+ creative scene. You can find her over on Instagram.
DJ Chaise (Chaise Simon) is a Manchester-based DJ and presenter. You can find her on Instagram.
Victoria Jane is a radio presenter, who you'll often see (or hear) over on BBC Radio One and Manchester's Unity Radio. She's also an R&B singer in her own right. You can listen to her music here.
Sakinah is an actress and musician from Manchester. You can find her over on Instagram.