Mapp - Sensat

  • Laurence Bowen

Building A cloud-based technology Mapp® allows companies operating in physical domains to make more informed decisions based on multiple variables at a large scale and complexity. Mapp®’s simulated reality engine enables autonomous car manufacturers to run thousands of different scenarios based on various geographic locations and driver behaviours. Mapp® provides a realistic canvas with fully compatible with AR/VR engines. • Led the UX/UI Designs for new 3D World with a real AI • Creating experiences for autonomous vehicles, telecoms (5G) and smart city • Designing for Human interactions in 3D and 2D • Creating interaction animation in 3D/2D (touch and gesture) • Working with developers (code) to perfect interactions/animations • Communicating complex ideas and designs to multiple stakeholders • Managing Development teams • Creating visualization for real life events • Creating wireframes and userflows to test • Creating demos with After Effects and Cinema 4D • Prototyping for VR/AR (unity, axure, invision, after effects and marvel) • Running user testing sessions and requirements gathering sessions • Testing and building Prototypes (Principle, marvel and after effects) • Managing User testing sessions (Testing directed, non-directed and ethnographic interviews) Key Achievements • Creating an AR/VR platform replicating real world • Wins TechFest award • Funded 4.5 Million