Marmite Dynamite

There is no sandwich spread in the history of time more controversial than Marmite. Peanut butter, jam, cream cheese – none get half the ire of good old Marmite. After the Marmite Peanut Butter Crunchy experiment went weirdly well a few years back, they decided to branch out even further – with Dynamite Chilli, a super-powerful and spicy concoction designed to be the perfect breakfast spread. It’s hard to get across just how powerful Marmite Dynamite is – but when Kinetic approached us, we had to try. We worked with them on a pair of creative billboards in London: with a photo of the new Marmite, and the ominous caption: “Love It. Hate It. Be Careful With It”. But that’s not all – a nearby car with a blown-off yellow Marmite lid crashing through the front windscreen and a building with a lid sitting atop it were the finishing touches that made a huge impact. Love it or hate it, either way, it’s got you talking!