MATERIAL FUTURES: Central Saint Martins

  • Anna Jońska
  • Nathalie Spencer
  • Marta Giralt
Our work with educational institutions is important to us and so we’re especially excited about our upcoming partnership with Central Saint Martins’ Material Futures Course and the prospect of new initiatives and discoveries in our sustainability journey.
From last month, we have been working closely with the first year MA students, challenging them to find alternatives to animal fibres and ways of making the fashion system more circular to sustain it for the future.
Running for two months, the course will allow students to propose new materials as well as sustainable and ethically-minded means of production, to ultimately culminate in an artefact embodying our brand ethos. There will be the opportunity for students to be mentored and guided in their research by our Head of Sustainability.
We look forward to seeing what new insights the students have to offer and how these new ideas and ways of thinking could be put into practise in our own business and into our conversation about sustainability.