Materialogy No.1

  • Susanna Schneider
My master's project is all about sustainability, materials and the question how designers could easily design in an environmentally friendly way due to the global waste issues.
During my working process, it became apparent to me that one of the reasons, which led us to our current waste problem, is our ignorance and cluelessness. We don‘t know what we are actually consuming. How could we value something appropriately that we have no understanding of?
I wanted to shed light on the materials we use and where they have come from originally. Where are they going and what implications they have on us and our environment, whether positive or negative? I looked at them in a microscopic level and also in the wider picture to give me perspective and discovered some beauty and value in those materials. All the work came together in a magazine, posters and smaller books which were shown during our work in progress exhibition in the Truman Brewery in the vibrant Shoreditch, London.