Materialogy No.2

  • Susanna Schneider
MA Project Materialogy Website for Sustainable Design
As a final step of my master, I created a platform for Designers, introducing new and sustainable materials, which are either compostable or feed into the natural circle in another way. My aim was to give a sense of these materials without the need of actually having them in your hands, because searching for these specific materials and ordering samples can be a time consuming process, designers rarely have capacities for. Therefore I filmed them in differnt conditions, movements and at a microscopic level to give a good understanding of their reactions towards water etc.
I believe that things are not being made or created owed to the lack of awareness about these new materials and thus possibilities are missed. By creating this platform I hope to make it easier for Designers to create in a sustainable and eco friendly way, especially having them bundled up at their fingertips. Giving Designers the chance to share their own experience, makes this platform even more attractive and takes the quality of inspiration to another level. The possibility to connect with like-minded creatives might open doors for collaborations.
(please see my online portfolio, as i cannot upload the videos here for some reason)

Poster – Final Show