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Starting point

Medication tracker is an essential feature for Medtep platform. It helps both patients and doctors keep a better control of their meds. Doctors can easily assign medication treatments and make a thorough follow-up of their patients compliance, while patients improve significantly their compliance with reminders on their cell phone and a well organized record of their intakes.

The challenge

Medication tracker is a feature that Medtep have had on its web app for years, and it proved to work applied to multiple pathologies. At a certain point, it became obvious for Medtep that we had to develop native apps for patients, so they could easily keep track of their disease anywhere, even without having an internet connection. And, of course, the medication tracker was a key feature for the apps. The challenge was to adapt the web version to the apps and improve their functionality to make it even more efficient.

Medication page

The medication page is one of the main sections of the app. It’s the place where patients  have a complete list of all their ongoing, scheduled and past medication treatments. They can create new treatments specifying every detail, including shape and color, dose, reference number or food instructions, and of course schedule their medication intakes and reminders in any required time frame. Patients can also see a complete log of all their intakes and they have multiple exporting options to share all that information with their doctors.

Diary – medication widget

The diary is the essential part of the treatment follow up. In this page, patients log their daily progress. They can confirm their medication intakes and log their symptoms, and even keep a record of their food habits, toxic habits and physical activity.The medication widget is part of that diary. Patients can see all the medications they have to take every day, organized by times of the day and with all the information they need to know about it: hour, dose and food instructions. They are asked to confirm if they took the medication or not, so they can have a record of their intakes to follow-up their compliance and share it with their doctors if they want to.


One of the main concerns for doctors about patients’ follow-up is that they tend to forget to take their medication – specially when they are not at home. They also tend to lie about it during medical visits. This is why push notifications for medication are one of the most important features of the app. Their purpose is to notify patients every time they have to take their medication. They can even set themselves how far in advance do they want to be reminded. That way, their compliance is proven to increase significantly, making their treatment much more efficient.

Medication summary

We also improved the way doctors view medication information. For each patient, they can see the weekly or monthly compliance and a complete detail of every intake of all their medication for every day, in a clean and organized way. Just like that, the data is easier to analyze, making it faster to act on it and optimizing the time they have for each of their patients.
All credit of this project goes to Medtep Inc.

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Guillem Rodriguez
User Interface Designer