Meet Neue Kabel

  • Tonya Bokova

This project was one of the five winners of the brief set by Monotype for Ravensbourne University, 2020. The brief asked to design and present a campaign to promote a Monotype typeface from the given selection. The response to the brief is the chatting app called «Meet Neue Kabel», which aims to celebrate the Neue Kabel typeface by imagining if a typeface could be a person that a user could talk to in a real time and explore its technical and practical features. Being a very adaptive to any style, tone or format of the text, Neue Kabel balances between quite controversial features such as being geometric and controlled, but also quirky at the same time.The dialogue window's interface changes and adapts to the different topics and tone of the conversations, introducing a variety of weights, styles and sizes of Neue Kabel.