Men Are From Mars. 2015

  • Lucy Yates

Fine Art Nude has been a popular topic in the art-scene and has since progressed from paintings to photographs. Mainly created under the influence of the male gaze, this genre of art often features females with their natural beauty… so what happens when you bring a male subject into the picture? Having a big interest in Fine Art Photography, the human body and working under the influence of the gaze, Lucy created a series of images featuring a male nude subject positioned in feminine poses. The aim of this series is to challenge the way the viewer approaches the images when bestowed upon them.All male subjects are posed into position as iconic figure Venus (inspiration taken from the painting Birth of Venus, Botticelli). Venus is often portrayed as a kind and gentle subject and placing a male in this position is seen as unusual in the art-scene. Men are often portrayed as strong and muscular such as Michelangelo’s David and statues that depict Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders. By placing the male subject as Venus, they are seen in a different light, taking away their masculinity and bestowing upon them fragility and femininity.

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