• Molly Jo Anthoney

Metamorphosis is a contemporary fashion publication I created for my honours project of my Fashion Communication degree. It is an embodiment of the changes women go through on the journey of Motherhood. It consists of a series of editorial images, each portraying a different narrative and aspect of Motherhood Through the use of self portraiture, poetry and personal collages, it is an intimate and raw insight into what being a mother entails. Looking into both physical and internal issues and changes, such as Post Natal mental health and the impact breastfeeding has on the female body as well as topics such as incontinence and identity loss in new mothers, Metamorphosis covers a wide range of controversial topics, aiming to break boundaries and outdated stereotypes to allow Mothers to feel heard.

This Narrative surrounds Stay At Home Mothers, looking at oudated stereotypes that remain within todays society. Being a mother is a full time job, and it is a hugely personal decision to go back to work or to choose to stay at home, neither being right, wrong or better than the other.

Modern day mothers hold the most responsibility than ever before.
This narrative is titled 'Madonna' and looks into maternal figures in religion and history. Through my research and own personal experience as a mother, I began to realise that a mother is the closest being to god, as they create life and love unconditionally.

Inspired by Dimitra Petsa's collection around female body fluids, I used this as a starting point for this narrative. Looking into post natal incontinence and how it is deemed a controversial topic, and rarely spoken about. I wanted to shed light on this issue, understanding that it is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. I attempted to portray it in a sense of beauty, allowing Mothers and sufferers of incontinence to feel proud and heard.
Another aspect I looked into was Hair Loss. After birth, mothers often begin to notice their hair falling out. This is mainly due to a sudden drop in pregnancy hormones, after labour. This issue is rarely spoken about yet plays a huge part in new mothers lifes and can severely affect confidence and identity.