Middlesex University, BA Graphic Design

  • Parnaz Homayouni
  • Gergana Elshishka
  • Tricia Foong
  • Meda Mankute
  • Snigdha (Sini) Magon
  • Karolina Kalisova
  • Undine Liva
  • Mingaile Trainauskaite
  • Yasmin Carter-Morgan
  • Johanna Furst
  • Kris Farr
  • Yong Wei Leong
BA Graphic Design at Middlesex embraces an experimental, innovative and playful approach to designing for communication. The flexible structure of the course offers students the opportunity to develop a range of skills across Typography, Branding, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Photography, Interactive and Editorial design to create effective design solutions. This multi-disciplinary approach enables students to find their creative voice and position themselves within the dynamic landscape of contemporary graphic design.


Undine Seglina | Drag Up
Yong Wei Leong | Profile
Jia Xuan (Tricia) Foong | Paper Moods
George Sullivan | Shifting Experiences: The Greenhouse
Karolina Kalisova | Spaces in between: Book Design
Yasmin Carter-Morgan | Impress Crackers
Ana Santos | The Migration of the Alphabet
Ammarah Orhon | Closer Poster
Carolina Myhre | Shifting Experiences: Thoughtful Showers
Dan White | Life is Beautiful
Joana Rochete | Sonic Feelings
Johanna Furst | Font Design: Pickwick
Nuno Penas | Font Design: Snowden
Snigdha Magon | Digital Stress Patterns
Sona Fiedorova | Newspaper illustration