Mind Pilot

  • Rachel Wingfield

London Design Festival 2018 September 2018 Mind Pilot is a project led by Rachel Wingfield and commissioned by the Design Museum London Loop.pH were commissioned by the Design Museum to animate the atrium with a new experience called Mind Pilot. The interactive installation allowed visitors to pilot a helium filled airship through the power of mind and controlled breath as they follow a meditation program. Mind Pilot suggests an inclusive future where people with varying physical abilities can use technology such as mind power to experience and operate flight. The lightweight, airship will be operated and able to fly in multiple directions within a tethered framework. The pilot wears a virtual reality headset that stimulates the sense of ascension, with a device that measures brain activity, movement and respiration, sending signals that navigate the balloon through the space. Credits: Concept, direction & design Rachel Wingfield, technical execution Mathias Gmachl, Meditation program developed with Ansuman Biswas and Respiratory sensors from artist Kira Zhigalina.