'Mind Your Maze'

  • Naima Elbouihi

'Mind Your Maze' is a depiction of what it feels like living with OCD and intrusive thoughts, and how this has manifested in my everyday life. My work explores the complexity of certain disorders such as OCD in hope to raise an awareness and break down any stereotypical assumptions society may have surrounding OCD. I chose to digitally render this artwork as I felt this represented societies loss of touch of the world outside of social media, and how we are all consumed by a veneer displayed on digital platforms. I chose to display this concept by using a range of bright vivid hues, as I have always had an interest in the psychology of colour and how it impacts a person's current state of mind. 'Mind Your Maze' showcases the intensity of my intrusive thoughts through the repetition of patterns, and various shapes that are manipulated through colour proportion. The patterns have meaningful composition that corresponds to my experiences of living with OCD, through the juxtaposition of my illustrations & exploration of colour proportion. I felt exploring this concept with a playful approach was essential in this piece as it symbolises the mask people often wear when battling a mental illness. Additionally, I have always strived to challenge peoples perception by distorting one's reality, and challenging the viewers perspective subconsciously with how they may perceive a subject in multiple ways. The main aim when I created 'Mind Your Maze' was to better people's perspective of one another by looking deeper into the patterns and words, & to not come to a premeditated assumption that a person is carrying themselves well based at a glance, but to instead be mindful of the inner conflict one maybe facing as they are navigating through the challenges of a maze that the mind may face.