MISBHV002 - Meditations : a sonic response

  • Artur Korycinski

Beloved fashion brand MISBHV present their first compilation featuring artists from across the globe. Curators’ note This project, assembled across the space of only a few weeks, is a raw and immediate response to a changed musical landscape the past months have revealed to us. It arises from many hours of conversations about techniques of meditation and engaged withdrawal, fuelled by a sense of uncertainty about what it means to make music—in so many ways a social practice—at a time when we have little choice but to experience it in the solitude of our private homes. Venturing into new territory, we invited artists - most of whom work within broadly conceived club culture - to search for a sonic form to foster a renewed connection to the here and now. This record emerged: a musical journey from Warsaw, through Berlin, to Rome, Ankara, Tehran, Taipei, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro; an exercise in shared intimacy; a record of our first pandemic.

Interview with Vogue Italia about this project: