Modern Vitruvian

  • Chiara Zhu

A series of graphic covers and posters aiming at depicting some new labels, phenomena and current crisis brought about the Covid19. Modern Vitruvian refers to the new capacities and skills that we need to take on to tackle the uncertain tomorrow.

Who is the Modern Vitruvian? The modern vitruvian refers to an attitude more than anything else, the need for re-invention of values and principles, most importantly the necessity of taking on a stoic and problem-solving-oriented approach in order to face the current crisis.
Secret Stitches

Diluted Illusions
Interlinked | Globalized DNA

The current crisis challenges our concepts, notions of inter-connectivity and inter-dependance,
as well as our primary need for human contact. Interlinked refers to a ‘we’ culture moment, where although social isolation is needed, it is still important to keep emotional one

During the pandemic, beyond the virus itself, a new enemy is also the overwhelming presence of news, a phenomenon called infodemics which can have negative influence on both people’s perception and mental health