Moving in the Bluish Light

  • Luc Hinson

Brixton based figurative painter Sola Olulode graduated in the summer of 2018, within less than six months of graduating Sola had her own solo exhibition ‘Moving In The Bluish Light’ at the Post_Institute in Brixton. We caught up with Sola and reflected on 2018. Sola guided us through her year, her influences and the message behind her work. Sola’s art is primarily a celebration of Black Women, Black Femmes and non-binary people, whilst also paying a subtle homage to her Nigerian roots. The striking blue seen across her work pays tribute to the Yoruba Dying process of ‘Adire’. What kept coming up in our discussion was identity, Sola, through her work is exploring her own identity, she’s discovering more about her heritage, and her work is an overt expression of identity.

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